Alumni 2023

Zoe Wroten-Morrissey

"I’m really thankful for this chance to interact with the USMCA coaches and learn more about a non-profit organization that is aiming to connect more riders with coaches. I would like to thank Lindsey, the coaches, and the USMCA for allowing me to be a part of their program at Loretta Lynn’s. I encourage anyone who is currently a coach or who is interested in becoming one to become USMCA certified so that we can not only further our sport but protect our riders and racers for generations to come. The connections I was able to make over my week at Loretta’s, I believe, has pushed me in the right direction for my future. Once I graduate in December of this year, I hope to see many of you again, as I look forward to selecting a career in the motorsports industry, an industry I am proud to take part in."

Alumni 2022

Olivia Johnson

"At 16 years old I received the opportunity of a life time to become a photography apprentice at Loretta Lynn's amateur National Motocross Championship. This apprenticeship allowed me to discover the career of my dreams. The apprentice program helped me make valuable connections with the best of the best in the motocross media industry. With these connections I was able to jumpstart my motocross photography career. The leaders of the apprentice program had such valuable knowledge and great energy which made me love the sport even more. I am so grateful for the years I was apart of the apprentice program. Being an apprentice was an unforgettable experience that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the motocross industry. If you're considering applying for the apprentice program I have two words for you, DO IT!!"

Brandon Olson

"I recently had the opportunity of participating in the apprentice program, and I can confidently say it was crucial for my skills and passion in photography. The whole week truly had me on edge with all the exciting things we were able to do. It showed me that it truly is a learning experience, even benefitting the more talented. The apprenticeship had networking opportunities within the motocross community. I had the chance to meet established photographers, fellow apprentices, and potential collaborators. The program truly fueled my creativity, and makes me recommend this apprenticeship to other aspiring people. Whether you’re looking to jumpstart your career or learn extensive knowledge, the apprenticeship program is for you!"

Jase Agin

"The apprentice program at Loretta's gave me many memories I won't forget. It was truly an experience someone couldn't have without being a part of the program. It gives you an entirely different perspective of the race and how everything works behind the scenes. I got to work with multiple knowledgeable professionals and they truly made me feel like a member of the team! I would recommend the apprentice program to anyone who is interested in one of the fields offered."

Kaylie Christenson

“When I was chosen to be a part of the 2022 apprenticeship program, I did not know how impactful it would be for me. I got to experience working with very well respected and experienced professionals and shoot along side them. I truly believe this is a game changing program, and anyone who is interested in any aspect of the sport should consider applying. This program not only helped me grow as a photographer, but let me get my name out into a bigger audience while learning among the best of the best. Without the apprentice program, I would not be where I am today. Being and apprentice was an amazing experience and I feel extremely lucky to have been apart of it. If you are interested in any career in this industry I 100% recommend applying!”

Caleb Donaldson

"God doesn't close a door without opening another...even if He makes you wait in the hallway. Our son shattered his tibia and fibula racing the #texaswinterseries at Oak Hill on February 12. It's called a "tibial pilon fracture". It's a devastating injury to any athlete, possibly career ending, per his doctor. This was God shutting the door on our sons passionate chase of a pro-racing career...which he was playing a dangerous game of catch up, by chasing this dream. He'd only been racing a little over 2 years against same aged kids with 14 and 15 years riding and racing. His back up dream is to be a factory mechanic. That became a prayer....that our boy be able to mechanic so that he could still enjoy the sport he loves without the physical pressure of the race. On February 11, we received the most incredible peek through the peep hole of the door our God was about to open. I received a phone call from the parents of Kade Johnson (Team NSA Factory Yamaha). Pause. Our son went to Lorettas last year through the apprentice program at his school, On Track School. Through this program and a wild series of events, he ended up in the Factory Yamaha pit. He spent the majority of his time helping Kade and his team. Just menial tasks....but he enjoyed being able to help. (It helped that Kade was pretty cool too. Not to mention fast!! Take a minute and look him up. Quite an impressive young man...humble...respectful.) From then on, Caleb made it a point to find them every race. Help when he could, encourage and goof off. He just really enjoyed it. Un-pause. Kades parents loved that our son loved doing it, and they could almost always count on him being there.....and wanted to offer him an apprenticeship with the Rock River NSA Factory Yamaha team as a mechanic. Receiving an education from their top factory mechanics...learning the ins and outs”

- Billy Donaldson (Caleb Donaldson’s dad)

Jackson Burrell

“I’ve raced my whole life, I lost both parents when I was 15 and 16 three months apart so that took a big toll on my racing and I’ve always wanted to be an announcer and more involved so when I saw the program I signed up and wasn’t able to come the first year I signed up which broke my heart but I signed up again and got accepted in 2022 and met Mickey Wayne’s and the tv crew which has lead to this gncc gig!”

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