2023 Alumni

Zoe Wroten-Morrissey

"I’m really thankful for this chance to interact with the USMCA coaches and learn more about a non-profit organization that is aiming to connect more riders with coaches. I would like to thank Lindsey, the coaches, and the USMCA for allowing me to be a part of their program at Loretta Lynn’s. I encourage anyone who is currently a coach or who is interested in becoming one to become USMCA certified so that we can not only further our sport but protect our riders and racers for generations to come. The connections I was able to make over my week at Loretta’s, I believe, has pushed me in the right direction for my future. Once I graduate in December of this year, I hope to see many of you again, as I look forward to selecting a career in the motorsports industry, an industry I am proud to take part in."

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